Short guide

A short guide
to playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D, is a game of shared storytelling. You and your friends get together, and imagine a group of fantasy heroes on a quest for glory, gold or just the thrill of it. Battle monsters, dine with kings, and explore a magical world you create together.

“There’s a call to adventure. It’s something in the inner psyche of humanity.” – Gary Gygax

1. Why D&D?

First of all, because you can be any hero you ever dreamed of being! Are you a legendary archer like Katniss or Robin Hood? A powerful mage like Hermione or Merlin? A famous fighter like Achilles or Wonder Woman? Or even something entirely different, but just as awesome? You decide what you want to play, and how. Together with your friends, you become the heroes of your own personal story. You decide what happens, and anything goes. When you enter a world of fantasy, your only limit is your own imagination. And maybe, the real treasure might actually be the friends you make along the way! *wink*.

2. Getting started

With us, you only need to get a ticket and come to Forum Groningen to get started. We make sure there are characters to choose from, dice to roll, and even beautiful miniatures and playing maps to use. Our DMs come ready with an adventure, and worry about the rules so you don’t have to. They give life to the world you’ll discover, the people you meet, and the dangers you face. All that power can be intimidating, but luckily they’re nice people. Meet our DM’s at the bottom of this page.

Get your ticket

Find a ticket for any of our upcoming events. You can bring friends, or come by yourself. There’s always groups in need of reinforcements.

Take a seat

Come to Forum Groningen, and join one of our Dungeon Masters at their table. Drinks, snacks, and playing materials will be ready for you.

Start your adventure

Strap in for a night of magic, monsters and mystery. Every night will bring a new, custom made adventure for you to enjoy.

3. Adventure time!

“You walk through the dark and looming forest, no sight of the road that leads through safely, or your guide that disappeared when dusk fell. When you come to realize how lost you are, you hear that deep, guttural growl again. Whatever it is, it is getting closer. What do you do?”

That’s how your adventure might start. You’re in a tight spot, and danger looms over you. It’s up to you and your friends to decide how your heroes will deal with it. Will you stand and fight? Run and hide? Use arcane spells, holy rituals or your own cunning and wit? Whatever you do, you roll the dice to determine the outcome. What if the monster catches you? That’s why you don’t go on an adventure alone. All heroes must work together to finish your quest. There is no “i” in “adventure”.

Still want to read up more before you join us? Check out the official Dungeons & Dragons website below.