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DnD as
serious game

Dungeons & Dragons is on the rise in the Netherlands, as a leisure activity but also within serious gaming. But why? In an average Dungeons and Dragons game, you meet fantastic creatures, battle monsters, and have to be flexible, think creatively and work together to save the world. Life in the real world may feel a lot less heroic, but even here these skills are vital. In addition, through roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, players develop valuable skills and strengthen social cohesion. That’s why we offer Dungeons & Dragons for teams, companies, education, and of course just for fun. Adventurous and valuable!

Develop valuable skills

• Problem-solving and analytical skills
• Team learning
• Reflection

Enhance social cohesion

• Multidisciplinary collaboration
• Team building
• Empathise

DnD games in the workplace

Check out our adventure offerings below. Just for fun, as a team building activity or to work on relevant themes in a playful way. And as with all our events, here too: we take care of everything.

Pub Heroes Groningen Dungeons and Dragons (9)

DnD session with Dungeon Master

A ready-made adventure for 4 – 6 participants (more possible), guided by a game leader (Dungeon Master) from Pub Heroes. 

Estimated price:
€80 per hour per Dungeon Master

Erik Pub Heroes

A tailor-made adventure

A ready-made adventure not exciting enough? Transform a case from your own organization into an adventure.

Estimate price:
€750,- per adventure


Dungeon Master inspiration session

Want to learn how to think and work like a Dungeon Master? Learn about the core elements of D&D and become a Dungeon Master yourself!

Estimated price:
€500,- per session

Pub Heroes Groningen Dungeons and Dragons (4)

Flash DnD

Experience D&D in 30 minutes with our self-developed, simplified game system. Cooperation, guts and roleplaying are key.

Estimate price:
€60,- per session per Dungeon Master

Time for action!

Would you like to deploy this package within your organisation? Do you have questions? We would love to hear from you!