Our story

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most engaging, inspiring and fun ways to spend your free time. Or at least, that’s what we think. Since getting into D&D can sometimes seem like a daunting task, we make sure it’s easy and accessible for everybody. You don’t even need to be a nerd, it’s fun for “normal” people too!

Almost all our gaming material is custom made and easy to use. All characters and adventures are created and tested by us. It’s plug & play, and we make sure our characters and adventures are engaging for both people who’re new to the game and D&D veterans. 

Pub Heroes is founded by Thomas van Halteren, Cesco Homminga, and Menno Wierdsma. Together, they have over 50 years of experience in playing, running and creating Dungeons & Dragons games.

Our team

Cesco Homminga

With experience as entrepreneur and event manager I make sure our Pub Heroes sessions run smoothly, and our guests are happy. I also take care of the business side, because someone has to watch over the party’s treasure!

I love running and playing games with epic mystery and ancient lore, and how world-changing events affect the common folk. Moral ambiguity is a theme that interests me greatly, and D&D is a wonderful tool to discover it. But mostly, I want to give my players a good time.

Menno Wierdsma

With a background in teaching and research and a love of stories, I’m interested in how we can bring tabletop roleplaying games like D&D to more people. During Pub Heroes sessions, I roam the different tables for both support and personal enjoyment: watching D&D is almost as much fun as playing it.

I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons for the time my friends and I get to hang out, next to the obvious benefits of living through heroic adventures in fantastical realms. As a DM, I enjoy myself best when I do nothing, sit back and watch the players discuss the nuances of a particular plan or strategy, as they breathe life into a world that began with me, but is now just as much theirs.

Meet our Dungeon Masters


I’m having the most fun as Dungeon Master when I can weave the incredible aspects of our world into unique fantasy scenes and settings.

Gert Jan

For 25 years I tried to defeat the evil empires. Unable to do it alone, I gathered a party of heroes. Together we will be victorious!


I’m an improv-theatre actor and that combines incredibly well with D&D, love making new stories, acting out characters, etc.


I like surprising players with fantastic locations and challenging encounters, all while making sure that any type of role-player has the best time imaginable.


I run my games to be interesting and detailed, and I try to encourage my players to use their imagination to solve problems. Or just smash the thing. As long as we’re having fun! 


I love to run games where roleplay is taken to its most comical extreme. If you join me you’re in for accents, improvisation and all-out-fun!


The best part about being DM is giving life to the world through storytelling, a world in which the players take the lead. I won’t tell you “No” at my table, I will only ask you “How?”