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Dungeon Master Inspiration Session

In short

In this interactive session, we will cover the basic priciples of Dungeons and Dragons, and delve deeper into the role of the game leader better known as the Dungeon Master. Learn to improvise, think creatively, do storytelling, and even develop your own adventure! Fun and educational for beginners and experienced Dungeon Masters alike.

Like all our services, we are happy to come to your location, and provide all the necessary materials. The session lasts approximately 3 hours.

Investment: €500 per session

At your office or at a location you choose​

We organize DnD session at the office or at a place of your choosing. Whatever and wherever the adventure is, we will make it happen.

All necessary game materials included

For each session we organize, we make sure all necessary game materials are there. So you don’t have to worry about bringing things like a Dungeon Master Screen or multiple sets of DnD dice.

Optional: discussion to reflect on the session

If you want, our game leaders can lead an after-party discussion after the game where special moments are discussed, reflection on the session and to translate the experience to the workplace, for example.

Spice it up! This package is often combined with.

Not sure which package is most suitable? Then please contact us so we can help you with that.

A tailor-made adventure​​

Transform a case from your own organization into an adventure!

DnD session with Dungeon Master​

A ready-made adventure for 4 – 6 participants, guided by a game leader  from Pub Heroes.

Time for action!​

Would you like to deploy this package within your organisation? Do you have questions? We would love to hear from you!